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How to Draw Flowers

Flowers are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creations on Earth. When adorned in a painting, flowers can make the painting look much more aesthetically pleasing. Drawing a flower can be tricky at times. But, there are some simple and easy methods to draw flowers.


The first step in drawing a basic flower is to draw a small circle on the middle of the page. Next, a bigger circle should be drawn and the center point of the bigger circle should be the same as the smaller circle. The third step is to draw the petals by using curved lines, starting from the outer edge of the smaller circle to the bigger circle. Then, one needs to draw the stem and leaves by free hand. Lastly, all the extra lines should be erased. Finally, by adding colours, our lovely basic flower is ready.


The steps in drawing a sunflower are easy and simple. Like the previous method, the first step in drawing a sunflower is to make a small circle on the middle of the page. Then by taking the same center point, a bigger circle should be made. Next, to draw the petals, thin, elongated heart shaped structures should be drawn. This step should be repeated until the entire edge of the inner circle is filled. More petals can be added to fill in the empty spaces and to make the flower look full. Then, on the inner circle, criss crossed lines should be drawn so that it looks like the center of a sunflower. Finally, one needs to make the stems and leaves by using free hand. By adding colours and erasing unwanted lines, the beautiful sunflower is complete.

Thereby, beautiful flowers are ready to adorned the paintings on our walls.


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