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How to Meditate for Beginners (at Home)

With the hectic life now-a-days, many people feel stressed often. It feels like there is not enough time to get everything done. Our stress and tiredness make us unhappy, impatient, and frustrated. It can even affect our mental as well as physical health. It may seem like we donít have enough time to meditate but the truth is that meditation gives more time by making our mind calm and more focused. A simple ten or fifteen minutes breathing meditation can help you overcome your stress.

Meditation can also help us understand our own minds; what we need, what we are looking for, where our happiness lies, etc. we can also learn how to transform our lives from negative to positive.

Here are certain proven techniques about how one should meditate to attain peace.

  • First thing to do is the preparation of the meditation. The prior preparation can have very beneficial effects on the meditation. The first thing to do is choosing a place where you will meditate. Choose a place which is peaceful as such environment will enable you to focus exclusively on meditation. Try to avoid almost all the distractions like TV, mobile phones. If avoiding them isnít possible then at least keep a reinforcer aside like sound of water or very light music.
  • Second and one of the very important thing is clothes. Wear comfortable clothes as blocking external distractions would be very hard with tight and restrictive clothing. Maybe even take your shoes off.
  • Next is deciding the duration of meditation. You should be very specific about the duration of meditation. Professional practitioners suggest meditating for at least 20 minutes but as a beginner you can even start from 5 minutes a day. But do make sure that you make this a part of your daily routine. Try to stick to the time duration decided. Try not to give up just because you feel that it isnít working.
  • Now comes the most important part, the posture. First of all, meditation requires you to sit in a position for certain period of time. Hence, stretch out first. Now decide what position suits you the best. Decide a comfortable position like sitting on the chair or on the floor, sitting with or without crossing your legs. Try to balance your back without slumping, and if you canít, then just focus on each and every spot on your spine and relax them individually. Rest your palms on your knees or even on the lap, facing upwards. But make sure that you are comfortable in your posture. Close your eyes. Meditation can also be performed with open eyes, but to avoid visual distractions it is advised to close eyes.
  • Coming to meditation practices, the most basic and widely used meditation is focusing on breathing. Avoid all the thoughts and just focus on the inhalation and exhalation of breath from nostrils.
  • Another very basic meditation practice is by chanting a mantra. It can be as small as ďOmĒ. Chanting a mantra creates a vibration in the mind which allows you to avoid the physical distractions and move your mind to a more peaceful state.
  • There is another method of a peaceful meditation. And that is by focusing on an object. The good thing about this technique is that the visual object can be anything of your choice. Although most of the people recommend flame of a lit candle. Other objects can include crystal, flowers or a picture of something or someone divine.

These are some of the tricks which would definitely help you come out of your stress in no time. But do take care of certain things. First of all, try meditating at the same time everyday as it will help you to make it a part of routine. Next is, if you are not being able to concentrate on your own then try joining a meditation class also read some spiritual books. Also, do not forget to maintain a healthy diet. Following all these things will make you a better person in a physical as well as mental and spiritual level.


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